Addiction to Gaming 2014-04-17

I recently rebuilt Addiction to Gaming from the ground up, I kept the same design for the front-end but switched from CodeIgniter to Laravel 4 so the backend is completely redone.

In addition to that I've also:

  • Switched from Apache to Nginx
  • Set up Capistrano for deployments
  • Set up Grunt for JS minification
  • Installed an SSL certificate
  • Upgraded the OS from Ubuntu 12.04 to 14.04
  • Taken advantage of some Linode hardware upgrades

The server upgrades and website rebuild have reduced page processing times to under 100ms and page loads to under 500ms.

I've also built a new admin panel using Boostrap and CKEditor, this should make it easier for admins to manage news and donation.

Here are a few screenshots.

Admin Panel

News Edit Screen

Update: The source code is now available on GitHub.


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